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The promise of unspeakable wealth and fame has led you deep into the forest to the withered ruins of the Temple of the Sunken Moon. Once inhabited by a demented cult the cold ruins have laid dormant since decades. You have heard all the stories from the common townsfolk, about corrupted rituals and shadows whispering through the empty hallways. But you are not a believer in superstition. Even if you meet some remnants of the old times, your trusty sword will make a path for you!

As you descend the stairs deep into the dungeon an uneasy feeling overwhelms you. What if the temple contains something even more sinister than you could imagine? But it's too late to turn back. You either lift the secret of the temple and gain riches and fame, or you become another soul lost in these accursed ruins. 

This game has been made as part of the 2023 Dungeon Crawler Game Jam.


Controls are typical to the genre. Move around with WASD, ARROW keys, or NUMPAD. Menu can be opened with escape.

Abilities and spells have to be moved from the “abilities” tab in the inventory onto a free slot of the character

Left-click "pick up"; Right-click "use" on item/ability.


Since this is a gamejam game, some bugs are possible. Unfortunately I ran out of time at the end, so some things may be a bit  wonky or messy. There is no real balancing, no proofread for the texts etc.

There are no loading screens, so its very advisable to not touch anything when a new level is starting - just let the engine load everything before moving. Dont Alt+Tab while its loading.

Do not drop important items on the grounds, they may vanish through walls. There is more than enough inventory space. ;)

There is no automap. Sorry. 😉


The implementation of theme should be very obvious once you reach a certain point later in the game. 😊


It may not look like that, but its not that long actually. Maybe half an hour?


Game Design / Programming / Writing: Maddie

Testing/Feedback: Ral_TFD

Some code for basic features is borrowed from my big project "Dawn of the Ashen Queen", which is also essentially a dungeon crawler. I am also using some 3rd party code plug-ins for Unreal Engine, most notably the "Dungeon Crawler Toolkit" (its really great!). Textures and props are from the free Quixel Megascans library (if you use Unreal you probably know them ;) ). A few props (barrel, statue, table) are from some generic "Medieval Props Pack" I got a long time ago. 2D-Art (cutscenes, portraits) has been created via AI (Midjourney).

More detailed credits and creation process.


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